I was in the middle of sleeping when I got woken up from and alarm in the city, it was the fire alarm. I jumped out of bed and woke up my parents, but I will never forgive my self I also woke up my brother. But we ran out of our house and bolted to wake up the rest of the city and when we did we saw it… the huge fire coming at us at 100k’s an hour, every one was screaming it was spreading fast it had already destroyed many house’s and it was coming for us next.

2 thoughts on “THE FIRE ALARM!!! Part 1”

  1. Oh no, Lily, that sounds so scary! I did wonder why your character said she would never forgive herself because it sounds like she had given her family the best chance of escape by waking them all up!
    I can’t wait for Part 2 to see if they are all ok!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. What a scary and exiting story, Lily. I hope everyone escaped alright. You convey the sense of panic very well in your story. I especially like the sentence ‘we ran out of our house and bolted to wake up the rest of the city.’ I also like the way you leave the story saying ‘it was coming for us next’.

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